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Location: Finney Bogs, Snappit Road and Plymouth St., Carver MA

    Owner: AD Makepeace Cranberry, Wareham MA.
    Volume of Earth Removal. Unknown. Combined volumes for this site and 3 others sites identified together by Carver ERC is an estimated 1,716,000 cubic yards.
    Earth Removal Permit: This area correlates to the identified by the Carver ERC for a permit as “Finney”. This is the location of the A.D.Makepeace Finney Bogs on Snappit Road.
    Claimed Reason for Mining: Cranberry agriculture (presumed). In the eastern part of the site, about 24 acres was mined, creating two ponds. This was covered over with a bog of about 7 acres. The mining operation was about three times the size of the later bog.
    Aquifer: Yes. Satellite maps show two locations where mining created three ponds thus mining in the aquifer. See timeline below.
    Below: Pond 1 2008
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