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Location: 0 Tremont Street/off Rochester Road, Jabez Bridge Road, Map 96 Lot 10

    Owner:  Foley Farm LLC. Excavation by Ryco Excavating.  Formerly owned by River’s Edge Realty, John Shurtleff III, owner and officer. Shurtleff served on the Carver Earth Removal Committee that gave Foley Farm LLC two earth removal permits in 2019 and 2021 for a total of 102,000 cubic yards worth at least $1 - 2 million in 2023 prices.

    Volume of Earth Removed: At least 40,000 Actual volume unknown.

    Permit: Yes. The Carver Earth Removal Committee issued a permit in 2021 for 40,000 cubic yards.

    Area Impacted: 8 to 11 acres.  

    Claimed Reason for Mining: Claimed agricultural use. Expand cranberry bog reservoir.

    Solar:  Unknown

    Water Supply: Residential wells nearby

    Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer: Yes. Satellite images show mining in the Aquifer. 

    Wetlands and Waterways:Archaeological Impacts: Yes. The entire area is Mass. Historic Commission Inventoried Area with Points. See MassMapper below, purple area.

    Environmental Justice Population: Not Found

    Ecosystem: not known

    Public Subsidies: Unknown

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    See also: In this report,  Map 96, Lot 11: The ERC granted a permit in 2019 to Foley Farms/Ryco to excavate 62,000 cubic yards from this nearby site allegedly for an alleged agricultural use. Grady Engineering also submitted that Earth Removal Permit Application.

    A photograph below taken on March 29, 2022 shows a Shurtleff Sand & Stone truck hauling sand and gravel from the Foley Farms site at 7 a.m.

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