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Location: 109 Neck Road, Rochester MA

Decas cran.png
  • Owner:  Decas Cranberry Co.

  • Volume: at least 69,129 cubic yards removed by Ryco Excavating

  • Claimed reason: Cranberry tailwater recovery pond and reservoir

  • Permit: Rochester Conservation Commission issued an Order of Conditions under the Wetlands Protection Act for the excavation to create the pond. When Ryco excavated beyond the 8 feet depth allowed by the Order, the Commission issued an enforcement order. This is the only known instance found in researching this report where a conservation commission required compliance with the Wetlands Protection Act for a cranberry agriculture pond. Decas Cranberry sued Ryco for breach of contract and negligence for excavating too deep and not paying for all the earth removed. 

  • Area Impacted: 12 acres

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