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Location: Off Black Cat Road, Plymouth MA Map 90 Lot 26

  • Owner:  Black Cat Cranberry Co. (prior owner, sold to A.D. Makepeace 2008)

  • Volume of Earth Removed: 60,000 cubic yards to create 5 acres of cranberry bogs

  • Permit: Yes. Zoning Board of Appeals granted a special permit in  Dec. 27, 1995. The application is here.

  • Area Impacted: 5.2  acres. This is within a large approximately 100 acre area that has been extensively leveled and mined under the claim of cranberry agriculture. Solar installations are proposed for various portions of the site. It is located next to a transmission corridor. Other sections of this Report cover the mining on the adjacent parcels by E.J. Pontiff Cranberries, Inc. 

  • Claimed Reason for Mining: create cranberry bog

  • Solar: Dual use solar proposed for the area

  • Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer: Yes. Permit application states “Primary Recharge Area”; adjacent to Billington Sea Reservoir and Town’s Lout Pond Well

  • Wetlands and Waterways: Yes.

  • Archaeological Impacts: Unknown

  • Environmental Justice Population: No

  • Ecosystem: Unknown

  • Public Subsidies: Unknown

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