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Location: 257 Beaver Dam Road, Plymouth MA

  • Owner:  Pine Hills LLC

  • Volume of Earth Removed: 396,396 cubic yards

  • Permit: Yes, Town of Plymouth Zoning Board of Appeals issued permit on July 2, 1999 for construction of a cranberry bog. The permit was issued to Cranberry Realty Trust. In 2004 and 2007 the Planning Board directed the Building Commissioner to issue a cease and desist because the earth removal exceeded the permit. On January 17, 2008 the Building Commissioner ordered that the site be cleaned up and restored and revegetated. Most of it remains an open pit mine as of 2023.

  • Area Impacted: 39 acres. The site is an open pit mine and has not been restored. Few if any cranberry bogs have been built.

  • Claimed Reason for Mining: Cranberry agriculture.

  • Water Supply: Unknown

  • Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer:  Yes over the aquifer. Areas of open water appear on historic satellite images.

  • Wetlands and Waterways: Unknown

  • Archaeological Impacts: Unknown

  • Environmental Justice Population: Unknown

  • Ecosystem: Near Priority Habitat 547, Long Pond area

  • Public Subsidies: Unknown

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