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Location: 0 Hammond Street, Carver MAMap 134 Lot 4-2

  • Owner:  A.D. Makepeace Cranberry Company

  • Volume of Earth Removed: unknown. Conducted earth removal without a permit.

  • Earth Removal Permit: No. Failed to disclose earth removal to MEPA in ENF February 28, 2019.

  • Area Impacted: at least 47 acres including Riverfront Area protected by Wetlands Protection Act. 

  • Solar: Yes. Borrego Solar Project (one of at least 12 joint A.D. Makepeace Co.-Borrego Solar Projects in the region)

  • Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer: Yes

  • Water Supply: Yes. See, Affidavit of Scott Horsley

  • Wetlands and Waterways: Yes. Impacted 28,800 square feet of Riverfront Area within a floodplain for Rose Brook, a tributary to the Weweantic River. See, Affidavit of Scott Horsley.

  • Archaeological Impacts: Yes. The site is within the 6,500 acre Tihonet Mixed Use Development Area (TMUD) designated under Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act MEPA Certificate 13940. The Massachusetts Historical Commission classified the entire area as archaeologically significant. MEPA and MHC allowed AD Makepeace to side step full MEPA review and issued a sign off to the Damage to the Environment in 2023. STPB Comments to MEPA May 23, 2022, MEPA Certificate 13940: “The significance of the entire TMUD Project was explicitly acknowledged by Massachusetts Historical Commission as recently as 2020: “The archeological reconnaissance survey conducted in 2007 for the overall ADM project indicates that the project impact area is archaeologically sensitive.” 10/30/2020 Letter from MHC to Borrego Solar for ADM Makepeace solar project in TMUD area. ADM has ignored and manipulated the MHC review process and cut the public out. The SRP has failed and continues to fail to provide meaningful opportunity for public input and comment for the Wampanoag people.”

  • Environmental Justice Population: Yes

  • Ecosystem: Destroyed 47 acres of BioMap2 Critical Natural Landscape, Core Habitat Priority Natural Community and Interior Forest, one of the highest priority forest ecosystems in the state. 

  • Photo below: Forest Clear-cut as of January 2021 at the site:

  • Public Subsidies: Yes. At this site, A.D. Makepeace benefits from electricity ratepayer subsidies for solar by leasing its land for solar projects that are subsidized under the state SMART Solar Program administered by Mass. Department of Energy Resources. U.S. Department of Energy federal subsidies are provided to DOER for the state’s solar program.

  • A.D. Makepeace kept this land in “Chapter 61” for decades and paid virtually no real estate taxes on it. This law allows landowners to pay much lower real estate taxes if they do not develop their land.  

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