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Location: 0 Tremont Street, Carver MA, Map 128 Lot 1

0 tremont street.png
  • Owner: Slocum Gibbs Cranberry, President John Garretson III, Chair of Carver Earth Removal Committee for about 30 years before resigning in 2021

  • Volume of Earth Removed: 22,049 Cubic Yards

  • Permit: No permit; claims earth removal to sand bogs for Slocum Gibbs Cranberry

  • Area Impacted: 3+ acres

  • Claimed Reason for Mining: Cranberry agriculture

  • Sole Source Aquifer:  Yes

  • Drinking Water Wells: Unknown

  • Wetlands and Waterways: Yes

  • Archaeological Impacts: Yes, entire area Mass. Historic Commission MACRIS Inventory site.

  • Environmental Justice Population: No

  • Mass Endangered Species Act: Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP), BioMap

  • Taxpayer Subsidies: unknown

  • Other: See also 0 Wareham Street owned by same company. Carver Earth Removal Committee asked to enforce the Bylaw by written demand, January 2023. Refused. 

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